Our core values


No more spending days collecting quotations.

Ask yourself: when you have a business need such as shipping your product from A to B, do you have time to wait for offers several days, before you can start your decision-making process?

Regardless of the size of your company and the number of containers you are shipping, you can only spend a limited amount of time on the process of choosing the right service package for moving your product. In fact, the smaller you are, the more likely it is that the resources you can dedicate to this task are limited.
Having multiple choices available at-a-glance will help you make a quick and educated decision which can cater to your specific needs in terms of transit time, service reliability, price, etc. or any combination thereof.


Our fast and simplified tool leads to an efficient process for finding the optimal solution for your shipment.



Know what you pay.
And what you pay for.

Caring about your business means you want to know who you entrust your shipment to, when it will reach its destination and what you will be paying to accomplish this. Without unwanted surprises.
Our platform displays the price for shipping your cargo including all applicable surcharges and is designed to avoid the all-too-common rate and invoice disputes arising after-the-fact.  

Our meta search engine enables you to make informed decisions by creating more transparency of services and price.


Make the right choice. 

Decisions in business are often-times based on superficially known parameters. In Transportation these tend to be Price and Key service elements such as Transit time.
Only once the actual shipment is being handled by your chosen Service Provider can you truly find out how well your needs are being serviced.
Is the advertised transit time met? Is the invoice issued correctly and in line with your expectation? Are you kept posted of any changes affecting your shipment?
In Transportation many stumbling blocks can appear along the way. Most important generally is not what happens, but how it is dealt with and how well your chosen Service Provider communicates with you in the event issues impacting your shipment arise.
The Shippion platform shows you the service rating others have given the Service Providers on offer. Further it allows you to rate the service you encounter.

We help you make the right choice for what is important for you and your business.

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