About us

Shippion.com aims at making your search for a suitable rate & service package as simple and transparent as booking a flight or train ticket.

Shippion was born out of our unwillingness to accept highly inefficient processes and resign to a ‘this is the way it has always been’ approach.

We found the basic process of finding and marketing the most suitable service package for a competitive price unnecessarily complicated and time consuming.
No matter if viewed from the angle of the BCO looking for an offer or the Service Provider supplying the offer.
The process for both parties is marred with inefficiencies and time wasters, neither party can afford to deal with in a highly competitive market environment.

Driven by the mantra that every challenge creates an opportunity we embarked on a mission to create a simple and smart solution.

The result is Shippion.com











our team

Shippion’s Team of industry experts is ideally suited to guide your journey through freight procurement. Our skills embody industry knowledge from different perspectives and technical expertise & are complemented with innovative ideas and a drive to promote digitalization in transportation.

Lasse Keldorf Jensen

Lasse Keldorf Jensen

CEO & Co-Founder

Background in international Freight Forwarding in Europe, US and Canada. Passion for tech-driven process improvements.

Ghaleb Khaled

Ghaleb Khaled

CTO & Co-Founder

Expert Software Engineer with a track record at established LogTech startups.
Motivated by solving complex problems.

Sabine Kuehn

Sabine Kuehn

Business Development

International Ocean liner shipping experience in the US, Asia and Europe.
Eager to introduce change to the industry.

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