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The Market

Global developments in trade are forcing more companies to embrace digitalization of logistics and rethink their services and approaches. 

And right now, the rise of platform-led trade is one of the defining shifts of our time. 

Along with digitalization, expectations are rising. Customers want reliable delivery times, greater flexibility, transparency and more customization.

In order to serve these demands, third party services and tools are emerging and taking over the processes between the carriers and customers…

About Us

Shippion is a B2B startup serving the Small- & Medium-sized (SME) importers & exporters (BCOs) with market overview and detailed insight to international freight services and prices.

Shippion’s Mission is to simplify freight shipping by being the BCOs first & independent source of information for finding the most suitable deals with freight carriers.

As meta search engine for freight services the Shippion platform offers the first fully transparent comparison of service & price selections and supports the carriers direct online Sales to SME BCOs by functioning as an online Marketing channel for them.


Throughout our individual careers, the Shippion team has studied the mechanics and dynamics of freight shipping from inside the industry.
Some of us working for the world’s largest carriers & freight forwarders.
Some of us programming the most complex freight rate management tools.

We found, that the basic process of finding – and marketing – the most suitable service package for the most competitive price, was unnecessarily complicated and time consuming – for both the customers and for the carriers.

We knew, that there must be a more efficient way to do this, so we embarked on a mission to create a simple and smart solution.

At the same time we embrace the drive to sustainability and want to cater to the BCO’s desire for having access to ‘greener’ choices.

The result is Shippion.com.

Our Team

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Ghaleb 2
Sabine 3

Lasse Keldorf jensen

CEO & Co-Founder

Background in international Freight Forwarding in Europe, US and Canada.
Passion for tech-driven process improvements.

Ghaleb Khaled

CTO & Co-Founder

Expert Software Engineer with a track record at established LogTech startups.
Motivated by solving complex problems.

Sabine Kuehn

Business Development

International Ocean liner shipping experience in the US, Asia and Europe.
Eager to introduce change to the industry.


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